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4,392 products from Pingshan applied for patents in 2016

    4,392 products from Pingshan District applied for patents in 2016, up 58.4 percent year on year, which ranks second among districts in Shenzhen. Intellectual Property Summit held by Pingshan released Wednesday. On Wednesday, also the 17th Property Intellectual Promotion Day, Pingshan District held an intellectual property summit which invited more than 100 entrepreneurs.

    As the center of East Shenzhen, Pingshan has taken innovation as the drive for its development. One hundred and thirty-five state-level high-tech enterprises have settled in Pingshan, which set a good example for other companies in the district.

    In 2016, 644 inventions from Pingshan patented, 29.27 times than the figure before Pingshan District is established.

    Pingshan has set strict regulations and policies to protect intellectual property, cracking down on crimes infringing intellectual property. By the end of 2016, 206 cases involved in violation of laws on trade mark , patent and copyright have been solved by the district and 11 has been handed over to the district’s public security bureau.